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If you have spent any time in Huntington Beach, California, you know that it is essential to schedule regular car washes and auto detail services. With so much salt and sand, your car or truck is bound to get dirty both inside and out. When you factor in the relentless sun, it is imperative to get your paint protected with a professional wax and polish. But some people end up damaging their automobiles worse by getting frequent washes, but by using the big machines that have abrasive brushes and harsh chemicals. I have two words for you: hand wash. The licensed wash and detail experts at Huntington Beach Mobile Car Wash will gently get even the hardest to remove spots and grime off of your vehicle. Dried bird droppings, sap-stuck flowers, and other hard to remove eye-sores will disappear, and the interior of your car will never be as spotless. For more in-depth information on the auto detailing process, please refer to:

One thing that most HB and surrounding area residents don’t realize is that they don’t even have to come into our shop to have our top-rated detailing services performed. Our mobile auto detailing service brings all the car cleanliness right to your home driveway, office parking lot, or any other location of your choosing with ample enough space to complete our tasks. The thing that really puts a smile on our customers’ faces is we won’t charge you any extra to come to you. So, give us a call today and schedule your auto detailing service.

(714) 988-4198