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Car Window Tinting

Car window tinting is a necessity when living in Huntington Beach. The sun is shining for nearly ten months out of the year and the population of HB is now around 200,000. Window tinting helps deter would-be thieves because they can’t see into your vehicle very well at night when it is dark outside. They don’t know if there is anything of value or for that matter if there is something dangerous waiting for them inside, such as a dog. For this reason, opportunistic thieves tend to move on to vehicles that they can clearly see into. If they do attempt to break in, the laminate will keep the glass together for longer. Since the window won’t just shatter, most thieves will abandon their effort because it is taking too long to enter your vehicle. The car window tinting is also great for protecting your interior from the damaging effects of the Southern California Sun, plus your vehicle will remain cooler inside during your commute.

One thing that many Huntington Beach residents are unaware of is our mobile window tinting service. For more than 16 years, Huntington Beach Mobile Detailing has been blowing their customers away by delivering their tinting services right to the client’s doorstep (driveway). We load up one of our company trucks with your choice of top-quality tinting materials, a certified installation tech, and all the tools they’ll need to do a job that we can back with our 100% warranty. If you have not had a chance to get your windows tinted because of your busy schedule, now you know that we’ll conveniently come to you. Give our top-rated team a call today for your free estimate.

(714) 988-4198