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Auto Window Tinting

After nearly 17 years of service to Huntington Beach and surrounding areas, we have proven ourselves as the go-to company for window tinting. Not only do we guarantee all of our work because we only use top-shelf materials and tools, and all of our installation techs are certified, but we take our customer care to the next level. We deliver our auto window tinting services to make life more convenient for you. Who wants to sit around for a couple of hours at our detailing and tinting shop when they can get their windows tinted at home? We thought about this and decided years ago to offer this service at no additional charge to our clients. There are so many advantages to getting your vehicle’s windows tinted.

Your interior will be protected and look much better for years longer, you’ll stay cooler during your commute and won’t be blinded as often by the sun, and you’ll reap the inherent security benefits as well. If someone tries to break into your vehicle, your possessions will be much safer. The tinting laminates keep the window ‘glued’ together so that it won’t easily shatter. This makes it much harder for criminals to enter your vehicle and they often cut their losses and take off instead of risking the extra time to try and get into your car. Window tinting makes it more difficult to see inside of the automobile at night, which is also a deterrent to thieves. They can’t see if your vehicle is even worth breaking into so they often just move on to a car that they can better assess. If you have been thinking about getting your windows tinted, take a moment and give our expert staff a call. They will answer all of your questions, go over the different types of tinting and options available, as well as offer you a free estimate based on your vehicle.

(714) 988-4198